Personalized Home Energy Advising

Our Energy Advisors perform EnerGuide Evaluations, provide guidance for rebate programs, and assist with STEP Code compliance

Home Construction

Minimize your home's environmental impact and your power bills.

In Canada, buildings account for almost 20% of our total greenhouse gas emissions, mostly for space heating and hot water.

Air leaks, inadequate insulation, and inefficient heating systems mean that our homes use much more energy than they should.  This has an environmental impact and a cost impact.

Working with an Energy Advisor is a great way to identify cost-effective ways to reduce your home's energy consumption.  It can also give you access to government grant money to make your home upgrades more affordable.

flexible booking

Life is busy, and reducing your impact on the planet shouldn't be inconvenient.  We work 7 days a week to make things easy.

advice on accessing renovation grants

Municipal, provincial, and federal grant programs are complex.  We'll help you navigate them to maximize your grants. 

relevant local research and consumer data

We provide free educational resources to help you learn which upgrades are right for you and how to best operate your home.

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Our Services Include

EnerGuide  Evaluations

Blower Door Testing

Renovation Recommendations

Step Code Compliance