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EnerGuide Evaluations

An EnerGuide Evaluation is a standardized method to measure the energy efficiency of a Canadian home.  It is also used to determine your home's EnerGuide Rating, which provides you an estimate for your home's annual energy consumption if it was operated according to a set of fixed parameters.

Often an EnerGuide Evaluation is the first step along in making your home more energy efficient.  Ecology's Energy Advisors are certified by National Resources Canada (NRCan) to perform EnerGuide Evaluations and can help you with any home energy efficiency improvement.

An EnerGuide Evaluation is a requirement in order to be eligible to receive money through the Canada Greener Homes grant.  It also provides access to mortgage insurance premium rebates and certain Better Homes BC grants.

Blower Door Testing


Blower Door testing is an industry-standard method to measure the performance of any building's air barrier and to identify leakage locations.  By inducing a negative pressure within the building, outside air is drawn in.  This air can be felt by hand or seen using smoke, feathers, or an infrared camera.

At Ecology, we utilize the Retrotec 5100 blower door, fully digital DM32 manometer, and door cloth-integrated bias pressure tubing to ensure our blower door test results are consistent and accurate.

Whether you want to check your air barrier performance mid-construction, just prior to a formal compliance check, or at any point in between, an Ecology Home Energy Advisor can be on-site at a moment's notice.

Step Code Compliance


BC's Energy Step Code provides incremental steps for builders seeking to build more energy efficient homes.  The Step Code also provides transparency with regards to what future iterations of the BC Building Code will look like, so builders can ensure their teams are always prepared for what comes next.

Ecology Home Energy Advisors are a key stakeholder when implementing the Step Code on a build throughout all phases: 


  • Initial construction drawing review is the best time for us to help you identify challenging component details and determine how to work through them.

  • Mid-construction (after air-barrier, before drywall) is an ideal time for our Energy Advisors to measure the airtightness of the build to fix any air-barrier deficiencies

  • Once the build is complete, we're there to complete the final blower door testing and submit compliance reports so you can get the rebates you've earned.

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