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Who we are and what we do

We're energy advisors, mechanical engineers, and building science professionals.  We know our stuff.

But we're also homeowners, parents, and members of the community.  We recognize that helping mitigate climate change needs to fit into the family budget.  And that's what we're trained to consider.

Based out of Victoria BC, we operate throughout Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands.  We also serve the South Okanagan from Summerland south to Osoyoos.

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Our Process

Our first step is to identify a convenient time to take some measurements and perform some tests.  We need that to guide you through your home's energy efficiency improvement journey.  

Measurements and testing

We need to know details about your home in order to assess it's energy usage.  This is our opportunity to get to you know home and size it up.


Knowing your home's physical parameters enables us to model it using HOT2000, NRCan's proprietary energy modelling software.  This tells us where it loses heat and why.


Once we know where your home is losing heat and why, we work with you to build a roadmap to a more efficient home.


Once you've implemented some energy saving improvements to your home, we come back to quantify the changes and unlock your access to certain grants that require a "post retro-fit" inspection

Tell us about your energy efficiency goals today

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